Friday, June 1, 2012

Frugal Things I Did in May + A Surprise!

We're going to have an expensive year this year, as we need to replace our 14 year old car with a safer, slightly bigger and newer model (hopefully one that has air conditioning! Driving the kids through the city in the summer while breathing in hot auto exhaust is not fun!) and we're also going to have some expenses related to.... BABY NUMBER THREE! Hence the need for a slightly bigger car!

So here are some frugal things we did in May:
  • I cut the gentlemens' hair. Considering a men's haircut is about $15 and a boy's is about $10, that's a good savings right there.
  • I kept working on my garden and picked some greens. I had to replant my peppers, squash, cucumbers, zucchini and tomatoes multiple times and I don't think they're going to grow. 
  • Kept at the bargain shopping and couponing, which I try to detail in posts on Saturdays.
  • Stopped at a couple of rummage sales and found inexpensive Legos and a few clothing items.
  • Stopped by the swap room at the midwifery center and swapped some things we're done with for a few maternity items and a winter coat for Aleksandr.
  • I sold some books to the local secondhand book store. 
  • I'm working on Natalya's Christmas present and some other Christmas presents- a large afghan for Natalya in colors she requested, and handmade scarves with embroidered flowers.
  • I dropped off 3 giant garbage bags full of donations to the thrift store. We'll get the tax writeoff at the end of the year.
  • I dropped one of my writing clients because they decided to stop paying for articles and only pay for "slideshows" which take forever and are not worth the $1 they'd be paying me. Instead I'm concentrating on my other two clients that pay better.
  • Signed up for some summer reading programs for the kids.
  • Trying to use up some items in the pantry before I make a big run to the warehouse club later this month.
  • Since I haven't been feeling well, I canceled a few educational programs at the park and we stayed home more than usual. I don't like driving with nausea. So I didn't have to fill up my gas tank in May.
Not so frugal things...
  • I'm having terrible food aversions, nausea and some vomiting which make eating difficult. Mostly I can eat fresh fruit which is not always inexpensive. But if all the baby wants is blackberries, then by gosh I'm going to buy those $1 per 6-oz boxes of blackberries.
  • I'm having some other pregnancy associated discomforts so had to buy some costly OTC medication to relieve it. It worked, thankfully.

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Jennifer said...

Congrats on baby #3!!!